Volunteer opportunities abound!  The initial work to be done involves pulling weeds, building fence line, painting old barns, contacting the public, raising funds, etc.  Eventually, as we grow, the arts center, the children’s center, the farm and gardens and animals will all need the attention and time of caring volunteers. Imagine working at something so varied, so vital, so fulfilling!

Aside from the gratification and delight that come from spending time on the invigorating activities sponsored by Omnia, there are more tangible benefits associated with becoming a volunteer.  Those who volunteer on a regular basis will receive discounts on workshops and activities sponsored by Omnia.  In addition, those who volunteer regularly are members of the General Meeting and have the right to be heard and to vote on certain issues regarding the management of Omnia’s projects.  And perhaps more importantly, as with everyone who enjoys what Omnia and our volunteers have to offer, our volunteers are treated with attention, respect, and gratitude.  We are, after all, building this together for one another, staff, volunteers, and visitors.

There is so much to do!  So much beauty to bring to light in these ramshackle and forgotten places! Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

The Kranz Hill Farm, Omnia Humanitas,  PO Box 692, Newark, DE 19715

 (302) 540-0912       oh.farm@yahoo.com       www.OmniaHumanitas.org


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