At the crest of a windswept hill, surrounded by hay fields and the woods of the White Clay Creek State Park, the Kranz Hill Farm is an idyllic respite from town life just a minute or two away.   Bluebirds, red wing blackbirds, bobolinks, and swallows flit about.   Foxes have been seen loping across the lane or sitting meditatively in the meadow.  A family of rabbits lives in the barn’s foundation, and groundhogs bask in the sun.  During the fall, the ghostly forms of the deer browse in the mist at dawn and dusk.  And our chickens, our chickens roam about their run adding their colorful antics to the landscape.

The 10 by 40 foot greenhouse has been the home of 1000’s of seedlings – tomato, eggplant, peppers, squash, snug and flourishing.  In the spring, tiny seeds of radishes, turnips, beets, spinach, and lettuces are sown and soon burst forth. There are potatoes galore and more beans than we ever imagined.  The watermelon patch runs wild and produces huge, lush fruits that are rivaled only by our pumpkin patch and the squashes with their mammoth leaves and enormous golden blossoms.  Eventually patterned herb and flower gardens will welcome our visitors, and goats and sheep and horses will make this their home in the years ahead.  We are young and growing; wait until you see what we plan to become!

When we began the Kranz Hill Farm at White Clay Creek, we envisioned vegetable crops and herbs, berries and fruit trees, chickens and goats, sheep and horses, cared for by people of all ages who are keen on learning about and working on a farm.  We’ve already been rewarded with our first successes: bounteous crops from 6 of our 13 acres, a flock of chickens, barn repairs underway, a paddock being readied for our goats, and the eager involvement of school age children, interns, and volunteers of all ages.  You are welcome to join us.

The Kranz Hill Farm project is located on 13.3 acres of a former Christmas tree farm that is now part of the White Clay Creek State Park, just north of the city of Newark, Delaware.


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