Become an Intern

Types of Internships

 There are two kinds of internships, the general internship involving learning about and doing sustainable farming, the other with an additional independent project focus.

Through participation in the daily work of the farm, formal instruction, and independent projects the interns will learn about the practice of sustainable farming.  The program is structured to introduce people to farming and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully operate a sustainable farm.  Interns are expected to be self-directed and innovative.  The details of each internship is designed in cooperation with the individual applicant.

Someone engaging in a general internship will work on the farm, assisting in its daily operation.  During this time he will receive instruction in each stage of cultivation, from preparing the soil to harvesting and storing the produce.  He will also have ample opportunity to ask questions and explore ideas with the farmers, other interns, and volunteers.

Formal Instruction

For those interested in  more in depth study and learning, there will be regular times for formal instruction.  The interns will meet with farmers or volunteers to learn about particular areas of interest, such as botany, soil structure, pest management, irrigation, and farm planning.  The exact course and subject matter will be determined with the intern as his particular program is developed.

Independent Projects

The intern may develop and execute an independent project during the course of the season.  With the help and approval of his mentor, the intern will choose a project and develop a plan for its completion.  Possible areas for projects include construction, research, and experimentation in sustainable agriculture.

Rewards of an Internship

Although most internships are unpaid (Talk to our farm managers to discuss the possibility of a stipend.), the benefits of working with Omnia include fresh vegetables and the occasional eggs from our chickens, the joy of working with the earth and growing things, and experience in sustainable farming and non-profit program development. 

For more information or to arrange an internship please contact us:

(302) 540-0912


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