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The Farm Festival Haedalia ~ Hooray! A Success!

What a wonderful day! The weather was pleasantly cool, a true fall day, the farm was resplendent, and the festival was a success!

Blazing yellow chrysanthemums graced the barn entrance where people were greeted by our cheerful crew and had a chance to take a chance on the exotic, elegant, beautiful, tasty, and homey goods being offered in our silent auction and raffle.

Before our very eyes, with paint and brush, Kristina captured the essence of the pasture in her plein air painting demonstration while Molly spun skeins of wool into soft warm woolen thread and Tyler tatted a delicate lace.

The Hetherstons fascinated everyone with their demonstration beehive and vast knowledge of all things apiary.   And the honey they sold from their own bees – how delectable!

Mike with his bike powered wood lathe and metals forge was a wonder to behold.

At the face painting table the children became pirates and princesses and walking works of art.

They grew quiet, mesmerized by the round and round of the potter’s wheel as Sam took a simple lump of clay and, in an instant, drew it up and out into an elegant bowl or vase.  And who could have imagined that a few longish sticks and a hoop or two could provide such hilarity at the children’s game area.

Trip, trip, trip, trot, trot, trot, clomp, clomp, clomp went the three billy goats gruff across the bridge while, “Who’s that tripping, trotting, clomping across my bridge?!” exclaimed the troll. The children gasped as he raised his horn bedecked head and woolly    shoulders up from beneath the bridge. The playlet thrilled and amused everyone, no matter their age.

There were delicious treats to eat, charming shopping bags with the farm’s logo for sale,

and all kinds of information posted everywhere: all about the chickens and what goats eat, the new fruit trees, the tools of our trade, and our many future projects.

Best of all, people stayed to chat, tell stories of their childhoods, breath the fresh air. Parents let their children wander about the meadow and traipse down the secret path.

Young people read books by the paddock, or lay lounging in the grass, or gazed across the peaceful fields, completely at ease in such a welcoming place. Just as it should be, just as we had hoped.

As one little 9 year old observed with a sigh,  “This is the best festival I’ve ever been to.”

You’re welcome, and thank you.