Omnia Humanitas

What is Omnia Humanitas?

We are a group of people who are dedicated to helping others lead integrated, fulfilling lives, not in an ordinary way, but in a completely radical departure from the norm.  We have decided to work together to build communities, redefine education, demonstrate revolutionary ‘green’ technologies, revitalize farmland, integrate the best of the modern and ancient, encourage independence, curiosity, courage, and hope, and thereby lift people’s eyes from the drudgery of common life to the goodness and nobility of action that is possible for everyone.  What we are forging is Omnia Humanitas, a place for all things which are good for mankind.

Why Farms?

Ever savor the exquisite taste of vegetables picked warm in the sun?

Ever help a pumpkin grow from pale seed to green gourd to glowing beauty?

Remember the joy of playing in the dirt among the growing things?

Want to give it another try?

Want to admire the rooster, feed the hens, gather their warm brown eggs?

Or maybe you just want to watch the sun rise from under the apple trees?

Many years ago, nearly everyone who could had a patch of garden and a chicken or two.  During WW II, “Victory” gardens sprang up everywhere, supplementing people’s larders when food was hard to come by.  Now, in our modern day and age, few of us have the time to garden, but with the advent of agribusiness and long distance shipping, we haven’t had to.

Unfortunately, there has been a decline in the nutritional value and taste of our food.  Those of us who remember the mouthwatering delight of fresh picked strawberries warmed by the sun can hardly bring ourselves to buy their beautiful, but flavorless cousins in the market.  With rising food costs and renewed interest in fresh, local produce, gardening is once again coming into its own.

Not everyone has the room for a garden or a green thumb or a keen interest in the intense, sometimes grueling work that gardening or small scale farming require.  They have other important work to do to sustain themselves and their families.  But they should still have the opportunity for occasional work in the dirt among growing things, the benefit of fresh local produce and farm goods and the emotional lift of seeing or knowing that growing things are near at hand.  This is why Omnia Humanitas is encouraging small scale farming in our area.

Quite a few of us are farmers at heart, or if not farmers, the kind of people who like to be out in the sunshine (and rain!), or working with our hands outside, or at least we’re refreshed by our proximity to bucolic splendors.  There’s a certain delight in knowing that that enormous trailing cantaloupe vine grew from a tiny seed, or in seeing blossoms peeping from beneath the leaves where there had been none the day before, or in watching corn leaves twist and twirl in the breeze. “Ahhhh.”  We think farming is something people, especially the young, should be more aware of, more involved in.

At the Farm, we are neighborhood children and their families, home schoolers and their parents, elders and youths, casual visitors to the park, volunteers, interns, and you!  Some of us care for seedlings, some of us climb trees.  Some water and weed, some weave crowns of flowers.  Some feed chickens, while some come to admire their plumage and their chirping, clucking, and crowing!  Some build fences that others sit on!  Some of us come to the farm simply to listen to the birdsong, feel the sun on our faces, and smell the honeysuckle on the afternoon breeze.

One of the goals of Omnia Humanitas is to return small parcels of neglected or once farmed land to agricultural use and encourage those who live nearby to reacquaint themselves with the land, learn as much as they can, and participate in whatever manner suits their circumstances or interests.  Volunteers, interns, and visitors are all welcome. You are welcome. What would you like to do today?


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