The Farm Festival Haedalia ~ Hooray! A Success!

What a wonderful day! The weather was pleasantly cool, a true fall day, the farm was resplendent, and the festival was a success!

Blazing yellow chrysanthemums graced the barn entrance where people were greeted by our cheerful crew and had a chance to take a chance on the exotic, elegant, beautiful, tasty, and homey goods being offered in our silent auction and raffle.

Before our very eyes, with paint and brush, Kristina captured the essence of the pasture in her plein air painting demonstration while Molly spun skeins of wool into soft warm woolen thread and Tyler tatted a delicate lace.

The Hetherstons fascinated everyone with their demonstration beehive and vast knowledge of all things apiary.   And the honey they sold from their own bees – how delectable!

Mike with his bike powered wood lathe and metals forge was a wonder to behold.

At the face painting table the children became pirates and princesses and walking works of art.

They grew quiet, mesmerized by the round and round of the potter’s wheel as Sam took a simple lump of clay and, in an instant, drew it up and out into an elegant bowl or vase.  And who could have imagined that a few longish sticks and a hoop or two could provide such hilarity at the children’s game area.

Trip, trip, trip, trot, trot, trot, clomp, clomp, clomp went the three billy goats gruff across the bridge while, “Who’s that tripping, trotting, clomping across my bridge?!” exclaimed the troll. The children gasped as he raised his horn bedecked head and woolly    shoulders up from beneath the bridge. The playlet thrilled and amused everyone, no matter their age.

There were delicious treats to eat, charming shopping bags with the farm’s logo for sale,

and all kinds of information posted everywhere: all about the chickens and what goats eat, the new fruit trees, the tools of our trade, and our many future projects.

Best of all, people stayed to chat, tell stories of their childhoods, breath the fresh air. Parents let their children wander about the meadow and traipse down the secret path.

Young people read books by the paddock, or lay lounging in the grass, or gazed across the peaceful fields, completely at ease in such a welcoming place. Just as it should be, just as we had hoped.

As one little 9 year old observed with a sigh,  “This is the best festival I’ve ever been to.”

You’re welcome, and thank you.




IF  (and we do mean IF) it becomes necessary to delay because of rain,  

our RAIN DATE will be


Check here after 7:00 AM on the festival day if there is any doubt.

Hooray!  Festival Day is almost here!

We’re busily preparing to welcome you, and what will you find when you arrive? Cheerful farmers and our friends just waiting to share with you the beauty and delights of the farm and the happy, adventuresome possibilities that our non-profit, Omnia Humanitas, encourages in us all.

 TOURS … There will be tours of the fields, greenhouse, goat paddock, and “Chickentopia”. You can feed the goats ivy and carrot peelings, and grapes and grass to the chickens.

DISPLAYS … There will be a display of the “tools of our trade”, a presentation about drip irrigation, a slide show about the history of and differences between organic and sustainable agriculture, and a plowing demonstration.

DEMONSTRATIONS … There will also be demonstrations of beekeeping, drop spindle spinning, tatting, primitive forge work, and bow lathe wood-turning.

 FOR THE CHILDREN … The children can enjoy games from the olden days, have their faces painted, watch a retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and find their way along what one of our little friends calls, “The Secret Path” (It’s really a tiny bit of deer path we like to traverse!)

SILENT AUCTION & RAFFLE … We’ll show you our plans for the future and listen to your suggestions as well, because, after all, we want you to think of this as your farm too. To bring our future plans to life and to help support your farm and our work, we’ll have a silent auction and raffle.

 MAPS & SCHEDULES …  A map of the farm and a schedule of events will be provided at the information table at the barn. Tours and demonstrations will be scheduled throughout the day and repeated either once or twice. The children’s activities will be available throughout the day. The silent auction and raffle winners will be announced at 6:00 PM, and you do not need to be present to win.

Come to the farm on  Saturday, 29 September 2012,  between 10:00 AM and dusk.  We’re so looking forward to your visit, introducing ourselves, and getting to know you.  Welcome to the Kranz Hill Farm!

Fall Festival at the Kranz Hill Farm


In celebration of our new goats! 

Goat Dance

   On farms around the world, the rising sun sets the cocks to crowing and the setting sun brings the cows home to be milked. On our farm, shortly after sunrise, I call “Hello, Fellows!”, lift the latch on the chicken coop door, and step back as our chickens stream past me, knowing I’ve laid out some tasty treat for them in the enclosure above. “Cowboy”, our rooster, chuck-chucks and burbles to call the ladies to the feast while I replenish their water and feed, and collect the eggs, some still warm.


          Goat song fills the air. They’ve heard me arrive – the clank of buckets and crunching gravel beneath my boots giving me away. They wait for me clustered under the maple tree, chewing their cud, and calling “Meh! Meh!” in their goaty voices. “Meh! Meh!” I say in return.

         I hang bundles of ivy, Russian olive, multiflora, or grape vine along the fence for them to browse while I fill their buckets with grain – a little grain – less than their greedy tummies would like, but as much as their tummies should have. They follow me as I carry their grain into the barn: Wooly Bear first, to be led alone into the aisle at the far end of the barn where she can eat in peace in her calm and unhurried way. The goaty gluttons, Spartacus, Orkan, and Alba, stand close by the gate through which Wooly Bear and I have passed -, waiting for theirs, so impatiently, so stealthily, not a “Meh” to be heard, while I pet Wooly Bear and praise her for her delicate and distinctly ungoatlike manners.

          I pick up the goaty gluttons’ buckets, slip through the gate, step over the jamb, and suddenly, they erupt in goat dance! They swirl about me, a giddy goat gyre. I step, and they leap, over the barrier between byre and hay mow, they, swirling closer and closer to my knees as I cross the barn floor, I, the eye of the storm of goat dance! They can hardly contain themselves, but they let me fill the trough, and with the buckets in place, peace reigns, and I pause in the stillness to listen to the munching of grain and the swallows’ knife wings beating the air above me.

Don’t Mess with Poultry.

I am going to link you to a story that may be one of the funniest I have read in a long time. It is also a cautionary tale about what happens when you play practical jokes on animals, they always seem to have a way of turning on you.

 “What I Learned From Poultry” 

By Diana Barker


I’m Farming and I Grow It

Ok so we don’t have a herd of cattle to give us funny looks when we dance around, but we do have some goats! Although, I think they are less judgmental.

Have a Lovely Weekend!



Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? My plan is to stay as cool as possible! If you are down our way ( in Newark, DE) swing by and lend a hand, it will be much appreciated (plus you can meet the goats and chickens). If you would like to visit us this weekend or at any time please be sure to contact us for the address. 

Entertaining links for the weekend:

9 Tricks to Beat the Heat without turning up the ac! 

DIY sisal rope bowl useful and picturesque. 

Flush with herbs and craving BBQ a herb basting brush is just the thing. They also make nice hostess gifts!

Wineberries, I’ve already spotted several bushes that are filled with them.  

My childhood dream has finally been realized! Its time for daisy chains.

I need to make goat cheese soon. 

Possum living.

Cooking with Clara, making dandelion salad. She is so cute! 

Greedy Goat

Someone seems won over by gifts of fresh greens.

Founding Gardeners

Interesting reading for July 4th!

“Founding Gardeners” by Andrea Wulf explores the botanical interests of the men who founded the United States of America. The book allows one to take a second look at these historical figures who are often only portrayed within the key brush strokes of our history. I found myself surprised that they had other interests, besides fighting and drafting new countries (silly I know). I think this book also holds a contagious excitement for gardening and farming. It shows all of the experimentation and creativity involved in the art of cultivating plants.

After “Founding Gardeners” fills you with a new zest for gardening, know that you are always welcome to come and experience it all first hand at our farm!


Enjoy those fireworks!


OH! Hello!

Hello, Oh! Farm readers my name is Kristina and I will be posting here from time to time. I hope to bring you new recipes, interesting goings on at the farm, quirky facts, and news on exciting events that we will be hosting.

Speaking of recipes, is any one flush with wonderful veggies that must be used quickly? Let me know in the comments section so I can post the recipes that you need most.

When I have a ton of fruit or veggies on hand I like to freeze them. Now this has its limits, mostly because of the unfortunate physical limits of my freezer. Despite this I believe there are about six pounds of strawberries, eight and a half pounds of sour pie cherries (I’m sure on this one because I pitted them all by hand), and about ten pounds of peas stashed in mine.

Here are some helpful links all about freezing:


Freezing advice 


What I’m interested in exploring next is small batch preserving or canning. But that is another post!

Next Week’s Harvest

Over the years some shareholders have said that they would like an idea of what the coming week’s share might include.  Here then is a tentative  list of what we anticipate we will be harvesting

Broccoli – yes, less than last week. 

Cabbage -maybe

Lettuce – the heat has sent all the head lettuce bolting, but the lettuce mix is still looking good.

Chard – more than last week

Broccoli Raab – more than last week

Radishes – maybe on Tuesday, yes on Friday

Salad Turnips – yes!

Beets – yes!